About Our Homely House

Our three bedroom brick re-starter house was originally built for someone else, who lost their financing when the housing bubble broke and never moved in.  This sweet little box sat empty for a couple of years as the price went down until we completely lucked into a fabulous deal!

This small space is filled with three rescue dogs, a now 6-year-old video game obsessed little boy, and a lot of their toys.  The husband is a minister/lawyer/bicyclist/stamp-collector who loves to garden and either smoke or fry meat.  The wife is a doctor/writer/sunday-school-teacher/cancer-survivor who is a former vegetarian and likes to read cooking books and hunt for bargains.

Both of us had lived our adult lives wishing and striving to make healthy and sustainable choices, but on our own, the various paths of our un-rooted lives had kept us bumping around in ways that weren’t healthy or sustainable.  After our marriage, December 31st 2011, we started the journey towards blending ourselves into a family routine that reflected our values.  We both hope that together we can work towards making ourselves, our family, and our world healthier and more sustainable.

Goals for our future:

1)  Create a family routine that reflects our core values of faith, community, peace and activism.

2)  Nourish ourselves in a more healthful way by using less plastic and cans, making more foods from scratch and eating more fresh and organic foods.

3)  Positively affect our environment by creating less waste, recycling and reusing, managing our yard in a wildlife friendly way, and planting our own organic garden.

4)  Support local agriculture, craftsmen, and small businesses.

5)  Support and encourage cancer prevention in our lives, our community and our government.

6) Finish reading all of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books with our son.

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