The Bread Project – 2 Ingredient Dough

When I saw this recipe on Pinterest it seemed too good to be true, but also too easy not to try, so I had to give it a chance, and I’m so glad I did!

Get your pens ready, because you’re gonna need to write this down (Not!).

The recipe is: take equal parts Self-rising flour and Greek yogurt and combine until smooth.  The end.

I know.  It seems too easy to work, like it has to be missing something, right?!  I ran out to buy some self-rising flour (which apparently, on looking at the ingredients, is white flour with baking powder already mixed in) and decided to mix it with a cup of the fabulous Oklahoma-made greek yogurt that I get through the OK Food Co-op or at the OSU-OKC farmers market.  At first the dough seems wet and sticky, but a few quick kneads on a floured board and it rapidly became the most silky smooth dough I have ever felt.  I could knead this stuff all day!  It just feels that great!

I have used this dough for several different applications.  Any middle of the road temperature seems to do, but you just have to watch the first batch of any recipe you make to judge the time based on your oven.  It makes fabulous homemade soft pretzels!!  Work into a pretzel shape and coat with egg wash and either coarse salt or cinnamon sugar and bake at 350ish for 18 min or so in my oven.  I’ve used it for cinnamon rolls, homemade pizza and to make individual calzones.  I put lumps of dough in muffin tins to make rosemary garlic rolls….Yum!  I have not tried this in a traditional loaf pan, but the pins claim it turns out well.

Nutrition wise, it is just plain white flour, but for me the ease and convenience mean I can definitely swap it for those quick time saving recipes which use frozen, canned or store bought rolls, biscuits, pizza crusts etc, which means I’m losing all the preservatives and extra fat and salt which is clearly a huge improvement.  I have tried low fat and fat free yogurts and I couldn’t tell much difference.  I think they all worked remarkably well.  I have no idea what a fruit flavored greek yogurt would do.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I imagine that adding in some flax seed or wheat bran will be possible to up the nutritional content.

All in all, this dough is just too easy not to have as part of your bag of tricks!

Update (August 2013):  I have now tried this dough several ways and I have learned one thing.  The type and quality of the Greek yogurt greatly affects the dough.  Not all Greek yogurts have the same water content.  A more loose or watery yogurt is best for this dough.  If your yogurt brand is very thick or stiff then you may need to try adding a little water by the teaspoonful until the dough becomes soft and silky.  The yogurt that works the best in this recipe is the local farm-sold yogurt that I buy through our food co-op and local farmer’s market.

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