News – Study links cancer to chemical exposures


The Breast Cancer Fund helped to complete a new study that shows an enormous link between exposures to plastics and pre-menopausal breast cancer.  Women who worked in factories with clear exposure to chemicals used in plastic production showed a significant increase in risk of breast cancer as well as endometrial cancer and sterility.  BPA and phthalates were two of the biggest culprits, found in canned and bottled food and many body and beauty products.  The highest occupational risk was to women who worked in factories that canned food.  The supposition is that BPA (found in many metal cans) along with pesticides released from the foods being processed was a particularly toxic combination.  Almost all Americans are being exposed to foods and body products that contain these risky chemicals.

Take home message:  Look for canned foods that are labeled BPA free. Avoid foods bottled in plastic.  Look at your body products for sulfates, phthalates, PVC, sulfates, and PEG (polyethylene glycol), all of which have been linked to cancer.

Get in on the action: I used the super-easy form on the Breast Cancer fund’s site to send a message to my Senators to ask them to vote YES on the Safe Chemicals Act.  This act would work towards reducing the toxic chemicals we are all exposed to on a daily basis.  I did get a reply back from Sen. Inhofe saying he appreciated my concerns but still planned on opposing the measure.  Maybe more voices would persuade him and others to consider the legislation further.  Click here to fill out this simple form and send your senators a clear message that we need to prevent cancers by avoiding chemicals.  Thanks!

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