Concerning Habits: Cooking

When we recently married, the first few months were spent just getting our bearings.  The most important goal for us was to incorporate our little group of people and dogs into a family.  Just getting food on the table, no matter what it was or what trash it created, was enough of a challenge those first few months.

As we began to settle in and take stock of the situation, we found we had quickly dug ourselves a rut in the path of least resistance.  For example, about five nights a week we were making a recipe-less creation that we referred to as leftover soup, or “dump stew,” which was basically a random amount of whatever looked like it was about to go bad in the fridge dumped in with a couple of cans of whatever was on the shelf. Some of these meals were rock-star fabulous, and some were, ummm, not. The remainder of our meals were mostly pan-fried meats (husband’s specialty).  My husband put the same Italian Five Spice blend on literally everything that sat still long enough in the kitchen.  We found ourselves throwing away a lot of food scraps and subsequently were making lots of grocery store runs that resulted in many impulse buys.  We both love to create and neither of us loves to clean, making for a perpetually messy kitchen with a continuous sink-full of dirties limiting our cooking abilities.

We found ourselves longing for some changes.

Our goals: To use less convenience foods.  To make fewer trips to the store.  To spend less time on clean up.  To have more fresh fruits and vegetables.  To use local and organic ingredients as much as possible.  To have greater variety and more spice in our meal-time lives.

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  1. I loved reading this post. Brought back some fun memories from our early days of marriage.

    Yes— we were in a rut. That said, I sometimes do still fix that same recipe. In fact that’s what we ate for lunch (leftover turkey, turkey stock, left over greens, and a can of tomatoes with green chiles… and of course some spices and salt thrown in).

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